How do I subscribe as a paid member?

Enter your email and payment details at the following link to begin a 30 day free trial, you will be billed at the end of the 30 day trial should you wish to continue with your subscription.

How often do you publish?

We publish once a week for 40-45 issues per year. Typically the newsletter is sent out Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

What is the difference between having an account and being a member?

Having an account with us provides access to any free newsletters we mail out and restricted issues we post on the site, being a member provides access to any paid content we create and the ability to ask questions.

How soon do I get access to a newsletter?

As soon as you become a member you have access to all historical newsletters, and and will have be emailed a copy of the newest newsletter when the next issue is published.

How do I ask questions when I am looking for a 2nd opinion?

After signing up just reply to the most recent email and we will get your question answered.

Do you do paid placements in your newsletter?

No. We are independent crop consultants, and value our freedom of opinion.

I have multiple people that would like to receive the newsletter, do you have group plans?

Yes, please contact us @ "patricklynch872 @ gmail.com".

How do I sign into my account?

On the "two lines" (mobile), or "login" (desktop), on the top right hand side you can click "log in" and enter your email address. It will email you a no password required link to sign in to your account. (Check your junk mail if you have done this and can't find the email.)

Once into your account you can view past member's only posts and update your account information.

I need to update my credit card, how do I do this?

Sign into your account, and you can update your payment information.

I want to switch from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly billing, how can I do this?

Sign into your account and under your subscription type you can change your billing period.

I would like to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?

Sign into your account, and you can cancel your paid subscription. If you would also like to unsubscribe from any future free or informational emails as well, you should consider doing that.