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Red Clover Project

Red Clover Project
Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton / Unsplash

General This is not a competition since everyone who plants red clover is a winner.

This project is to encourage the use of red clover as a plough down and gain some information on best management practices (BMP).


For this year there are two prizes;

1st prize is 1,000 lbs of red clover seed

2ndprize is 500 lbs of red clover seed

Seed is donated by Semican Seeds who have dealers across Ontario so seed will be delivered for pickup at the Semican Dealer nearest to you.

Selection of winners

You must have a CCA send a picture of your 50-acre field of red clover.

All entries will be judged by the picture and documentation of the CCA.

If there are a number of equally good-looking fields, we will have a draw for the first and second place winner.

We will want some basic information on how you got the stand:

  1. Previous crop
  2. Seeding time of wheat and red clover
  3. Fertilizer on wheat
  4. Any tillage
  5. And any other information you /we feel is important on how you got the winning stand


Patrick Lynch CCA-ON