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The Cropwalker - Ontario Crop Progress Update v1

This is a special edition based on Twitter polls and the individual conversations of Matt Pot of Grain Perspectives -www.grainperspectives.com and The Cropwalker Newsletter team.

Thank you to Bayer CropScience for sponsoring our work.


This is a crop progress update based upon a July 28th, 2019 Twitter roll call. For this progress update, we surveyed the percentage of Ontario corn acres that have tasseled.  Like earlier planting progress polls, Eastern Ontario, and the Southwestern Ontario sands, have the highest percentage of the corn crop at tassel.

July 28th, 2019 Twitter Survey Response – What percentage of your corn is tasseled?

We also ran a Twitter roll call on June 23rd, 2019. This roll call focused on trying to quantify the size of the 2019 corn acres. 2018 was used as a baseline. After slicing and dicing the responses from the survey (supported by a few calls to key Certified Crop Advisors, thank you!), the following numbers resulted. The average response from all growers was 88.5% of 2018 grain corn acres. or 1.9 million acres. Using the weighted average method (by county), we come up with 94% of the 2018 grain corn crop, or 2.022 million acres. Matt’s estimate has been 1.8 to 1.9 million acres of grain corn. Several growers indicated they increased 2019 corn acreage, mainly from intended soybean acres. However, this was not enough to make up for delayed planting in several key corn growing counties. For reference, OMAFRA estimated in 2018 there was 2.155 million acres of grain corn planted.

Which number is right? The crop isn’t in the bin yet, with a portion possibly turning into silage or high moisture. Ontario typically has had 250,000 to 300,000 acres for “fodder” corn.

Have a different opinion for your area? Please post feedback by replying to the tweet or email, and, participate in the next poll to improve our sample size. The goal is to shed light on timely and important topics while keeping the conversation light and informal.

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June 23rd, 2019 Twitter Survey Responses – In 2019, you planted X% of your 2018 corn acres?