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The Cropwalker - Ontario Spring Planting Progress 2019 v1

This is a special edition based a Twitter poll and individual conversations by Matt Pot of Grain Perspectives -www.grainperspectives.com and The Cropwalker Newsletter team.

Thank you to Koch Agronomic Services for sponsoring our work.


A Twitter roll call on April 26th, 2019 revealed that a very large percentage of producers have yet to start. So if you "blue" planter syndrome, you are certainly not alone. Several areas do have pockets started on lighter soil types. Posting a map with limited progress seem pointless, instead, we have put together an expected start date map by week, for the majority of the acres. Have a different opinion for your area? Please post feedback by replying to the tweet or this email, and, participate in the next poll to improve our sample size. The next poll will take place the first Friday we have equipment in the field. Oh, and for the one person that replied from the Earlton area, May 21st was duly noted.

Lastly, a reminder to take the time to do the job safely once the wheels start rolling. You can't plant next year's crop if your not here.

For more information on Koch Agronomic Services or Agrotain, please visit; https://kochagronomicservices.com/can/

April 26 to 29 Twitter Survey Response - 2019 Expected Start Date