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The Cropwalker - Ontario Spring Planting Progress 2019 v4

This is a special edition based on a Twitter poll and individual conversations by Matt Pot of Grain Perspectives -www.grainperspectives.com and The Cropwalker Newsletter team.

Thank you to Koch Agronomic Services for sponsoring our work.


This is a crop progress update based upon a Twitter roll call on May 25th, 2019. Provincially, we have made the biggest gains thus far since we started the 2019 poll.

The average of all corn planting responses was 71% complete, compared to 22% the week before. However, there is a bias towards growers reporting that have started or finished in a given area. Since all responses are treated as equal regardless of size of operation or area, the actual provincial average is likely much lower. Using a weighted average based upon 2018 corn acres by county, 40% is a more reasonable number. Biggest change week over week has been around Wellington and Waterloo counties, particularly on the lighter soil types.

Soybean planting responses averaged 24% complete, compared to  6% the week before. Counties with the most progress on soybeans as of Sunday evening were several counties in Eastern Ontario (Russell, Prescott, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry) and Grey, Dufferin, Durham.

Not all areas within a given county may be active or at the same pace, best efforts were made to aggregate the data and compare results with a local Certified Crop Advisor.

Have a different opinion for your area? Please post feedback by replying to the tweet or email, and, participate in the next poll to improve our sample size. The goal is to shed light on timely and important topics while keeping the conversation light and informal.

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What percent planted will you be by Sunday evening?

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