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The Cropwalker - Reader Survey Results

Results from our reader survey

First off, thank you to those that participated in the survey. In the light of working continuously to improve the newsletter, we wanted to share what readers provided as feedback from the October 2019 survey.


A few comments we received through the survey, or one-on-one;

  1. Some members would like to pay one installment for the year, rather than a monthly fee. We can now do that for those that would prefer this.  It is a manual process, please reply to this email if you would prefer this in the future.
  2. Podcast - at this time we will be continuing with a written format. Given the type and timeliness of information we are trying to convey, we feel this is the best method for both accuracy and effectiveness purposes. Plus in some instances a picture is worth a thousand words.
  3. Change the delivery format. About once I month I look for a better platform to deliver the content. I haven't found anything that will accomplish what we are currently using (managing subscribers, billing and emails). The current format will allow you to read it on any device. This is paramount.
  4. If you want to save a copy of the newsletter as a pdf, you can print the email as a pdf using your computer. I save quite a few non-pdf files this way for reference purposes.
  5. Focus on additional crops. We do plan to add additional content on forages and cover crops. As far as other field crops, there are only so many things you can have depth in and still provide value. If you have something specific, let us know, we will see what we can do.
  6. As we find relevant pictures/content, we do plan on running an ID challenge, and why the issue is important.
  7. Will continue to work at painting the crop progress picture, and reference other years if data is available.
  8. Please send us a quick note if you are looking for an opinion on a particular topic, i.e. 4R nutrient stewardship.
  9. We are pleased to report that no one replied that their dog could read.

Survey Results

Question 1

Question 2


  1. To stay on top of conditions and or topic related to production in Ontario
  2. Nice to stay up to date on issues that farmers are facing
  3. Pat is my buddy and probably needs my money
  4. Pat Lynch
  5. Curiosity
  6. I wanted to hear more from Pat
  7. I work for an independent retailer, and don't have a lot of resources that other people have. This is a great resource for me.
  8. Good enough picture of what is going on in Ontario
  9. Keep track of crop conditions in the province
  10. Keep up with new idea's
  11. Stay current on issues
  12. More local 3rd party info
  13. Reputation of the writers and there was a reasonable focus on forages
  14. Pat brought it to my attention
  15. Knew the authors produced quality and relevant material
  16. Sorry but can not recall... likely heard about it with it being connected to Zettler/Lynch who I always enjoy reading
  17. Seen a newsletter online, content was informative, wanted to see more
  18. Helpful tips and interesting ideas

Question 3

  1. Keep doing as you are
  2. Make it into a podcast
  3. Nothing off top of my head
  4. Don't know
  5. Expand crops beyond corn, soy, wheat, to include other field crops
  6. Add a pest ID challenge. Picture one week. Answer the next week.
  7. Forages are more important in terms of # of acres and are under-served in terms of # of articles and info available to growers, so I'd like to see you continue and even increase your emphasis on forages.
  8. Change the format. Put in a word file or pdf or other. I would like to be able to keep some articles for future reference.
  9. When I look at some of these types of publications they are always 2 ways... to early or to late.. I listen to Ken Ferries podcast out of central Illinois... he's a week early for our area and I listen to Wheat Pete and he's always a week late... Timing is important and remember most readers will either read it the day it comes in or a week later.. great job with chemical info! Keep that up! Could go do a little deeper into the agronomy but I know that gets iffy with such a broad reach. Be kinda cool to read on this date last year we were where _____ (corn was in, beans 1/2 done) comparing years to the current year and how to prepare for what's to come of the year continues. Keep up the good work!
  10. More controversial topics. As experts in your field your opinion has weight. Glyphosate usage, is the 4R approach really working and what can we do as producers and industry about it? What's changing in the ag industry? What practices do we need to adopt to stay competitive? There is often a gap between research, ag industry, and producers; you have the opportunity to affect it.
  11. Keep providing practical agronomic advice... both well-worn but also new/innovative approaches.

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

  1. I listen to podcasts more often than reading articles
  2. Good timely info
  3. Look forward to my Cropwalker email in my inbox each week
  4. Good articles
  5. Could use abit more information in some articles. Something to make the connection why this matters or why it's important. Keep up the good work.
  6. You're doing a great job
  7. Length of articles is good, but I rarely read them all. Love the information and it's valuable, however as a pay for newsletter, I don't think it is worth the monthly fee. Not because it is lacking quality, but because it's another monthly fee stacking upon others. I think you could still service your reader base with a biweekly newsletter at half the cost.
  8. ...not that a Pulitzer prize isn't ultimately attainable! Find the content cogent, concise and clear - look forward to making time to read every Tuesday! Thank you.